No matter who is shopping, size matters the most. The perfect sized clothes are a blessing and look the best on you. These days, online shopping has increased a lot. This is because it saves time, delivers products at your doorstep, easy returns, and much more. With all the advantages that online shopping offers, there are a few challenges as well. These challenges include finding the finest cloth material, the perfect size, and several others. But, all thanks to the easy return and refund policy that makes these challenges neglectable.

Several things can cause customers to return the product. Some of them include

1.) Appearance of the product (not the same as that shown in the picture              

2.) Cloth quality

3.) Size issue

4.) Improper stitching

All the other problems can still be considered, but the size issue cannot be. Everybody loves a dress that fits them well and looks perfect.

Both the company and the customers don’t like returns. Therefore, as a business owner, you can minimize your returns with a size guarantee. This is because most customers return the product/ clothing because it isn’t the right fit for them So, offering the right size guide on your website can be of great help in minimizing returns.

When the customer buys something online, they get excited and desperately wait for it to get delivered. During this period, they also remain under big suspense. This suspense includes questions like would the product suit me or not? Would it fit me perfectly? and much more. Therefore, it feels very bad when the customer has to return the product after waiting for it for so long.

To Minimize your returns due to size issue, you can consider doing the following thing –

  1. Offering a proper size guide – Every website offers the same old kind of size chart as a guide which shows numbers as a measurement unit. Different products have different kinds of size guides and thus it’s very important to showcase a better size guide.

A better size guide means you can mention the age group it can fit, the type of people it can fit depending on their health, and much more. A more detailed size description includes mentioning the size of pockets, length of the cloth, arm and armpit sizes, etc.

  • Use stretchable fabric → You must have heard about the concept of adjustable rings. These rings can adjust according to your finger size. Also, you can wear them on any finger and can adjust the size respectively.

            Let’s introduce the same to clothes. When you start selling clothes with stretchable fabric, the customer will love them. This is because it will stretch on its own and lower the chances of returning the product.

  • Install the Size Guranatee Plugin → The size guarantee plugin is definitely the best option for you. All that your customers have to do is to create a profile on size guarantee in 3 simple steps. This will help your customers in choosing the right size every time they shop with you which in turn will minimize your returns.

The Size Guarantee plugin supports all kinds of eCommerce platforms ranging to the biggest such as Myntra to even startups.

You can try this plugin at

These were some of the measures you can adopt to Minimise your returns that are often placed because of the size fitting issue. The online eCommerce industry is still thinking of ways to solve the problem of the right fit. Until there is a better solution, you can adopt the above-listed measures to minimize your returns with a size guarantee.

We hope you find this useful.