Have you ever wondered about an app that can deliver you perfectly fitted clothes? Like no returns and no exchanges! Every dress that your order fits you well and you don’t have to worry about sizes anymore. Sounds like a dream, right? But! Don’t you worry because we are here for you to make this dream come true for you? Wondering what are we talking about? Keep reading on to know all about it.

We have introduced a plugin named Size Guarantee that aims at helping you in finding the perfect fit dress for your body. And trust us, when we say it will be super easy for you to find the best-fit dress for you and that too in a few steps. Believe us! It’s just a matter of a few minutes and you are done. We have sorted everything for you. Read further to know how you can also make use of this plugin. Follow the below steps to do it perfectly and to forever give up the worry of finding the right size of clothes, returns, refunds, and exchanges forever.

Step 1.) Head over to https://www.sizeguarantee.com/ and find the Try Now option on the website. You will also see an option of adding the extension to your browser.
Step 2.) Once you have selected the Try Now option, you would be asked to log in using any social link.

Step 3.) After this, you will be asked to fill in your WhatsApp number and also verify it. You can verify it with the help of the verification code that you will be receiving as a message on the number that you have just entered. For verification, all that you have to do is enter the verification code in the space that is provided. And! It’s verified.

Step 4.) Once you are done verifying your number, you will be asked to select your gender.

Step 5.) After you have selected your gender, it’s time to choose the mode of how are you going to input your measurements.

Step 6.) Upload recent photos of you in which you have worn clothes that fit you perfectly and make you feel comfortable. Recent photos are a must because they will help the system in generating the right size for you.

Step 7.) After you have completed all the steps that are listed above, save the photos and the plugin will display the generated size guide for you. This guide size will help you in shopping for the best-fitted dresses for yourself from any eCommerce site that you wish to.

Now! After following all the steps you have successfully mentioned the art of ordering the right size clothes for you and you won’t have to worry about returning or exchanging your clothes because now you’ll always have the clothes that fit you perfectly.

So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to shop hassle-free and from every eCommerce site that you want. Head over to https://www.sizeguarantee.com/ for more.

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