Almost all eCommerce websites offer you the return facility. The return option helps the people is returning the product after they have received it but are not liking it or if they have some issue with the product. There can be many reasons behind returning of products. Some of the reasons are – size issue, cloth material, etc. Most of the returns that are placed are due to the size issue. The size issue means the size that the user has ordered doesn’t fit them well and they want to return the product. Once a return is placed, you have to refund them the money and make a transaction. This calls for unnecessary transaction fees. In addition to this, it can also have consequences such as the mishandling of goods.

 Return facility is a great facility available to everyone out there but it has certain disadvantages as well. Whenever a return is placed, it calls for a transaction. Not only this, but a return also has a chance of getting mishandled or being soiled or stained. In return, items need to be segregated, sorted, need to be set it back its respective shelves. Causing inconvenience to the inventory maintenance and it leads to a huge waste of time. More time is wasted when the product is soiled or stained and is no longer of use to the company or the store.

Many times when a user returns a product, it is either soiled or stained. This soiled and stained merchandise is already taken back to retain the customer. Otherwise, according to the policies of an e-commerce store, the products that are soiled and stained cannot be returned. Several times users don’t understand this and urge the eCommerce store to take the product at any store. What they don’t understand is once the products are soiled or stained, they are of no use to the store or the company.

Another important aspect that should be paid much attention to is to minimize the number of returns. Because the root cause of all the problems discussed above is the placing of returns by the customers. We agree that not all customers are the same and thus not all of them will return soiled or stained clothes. But, minimizing returns will make you a reliable online shopping store for customers and make them visit your website again and again for all their shopping needs.

In addition to this, most of the returns today are placed due to the size issue. That means the product that the users have ordered doesn’t fit them well. If an e-commerce store solves the size issue. Most of its returns would be minimized completely. All this is possible with the help of a tool known as the Size Guarantee Tool.

Wondering what is Size Guarantee Plugin? Let us help you! A size guarantee is a tool that helps a user find its correct cloth size. Any eCommerce business can integrate a size guarantee to reduce its return orders. Not only this, the size guarantee Plugin is very easy to use, All our shopper have to do is create their profile and mention their appropriate size in 3 simple steps.

To put into the simplest of words, the Size Guarantee plugin is a plugin that helps users find the right size of clothes for themselves. Along with this, the size guarantee plugin works on all eCommerce platforms such as shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.

You can try out the plugin at

This was a way how can you can minimize soiled or stained merchandise return with size guarantee plugin and be a reliable and trustworthy shopping store for all your customers.