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Your customers can create their customized size profiles in just 3 easy steps. Reduce your drop-off rates and returns as your customers pick their right size every time.

How To Start Using Size Guarantee On Your E-Commerce Stores?

How To Start Using Size Guarantee On Your E-Commerce Stores?

The sizing of clothing is a flawed machine. Despite attempts to standardize it, there is staggering inconsistency in sizes across countries, products, and even within the same brand. According to research, nearly half of all online shoppers in the United States purchase different sizes of the same product, with the idea to return the not-fitting […]

Connect Online and Offline Experience (How to bring the In-store Experience into Online Shopping)

Connect Online and Offline Experience (How to bring the In-store Experience into Online Shopping)

Shopping online has become a trend these days. Especially now, during the pandemic, everyone has switched to online due to necessity and safety. No matter if it is shopping or work. Everything has turned upside down and everyone has switched to the new normal, that is Digital. Shopping Online has a lot of advantages, such […]

5 Biggest Challenges Of Online Apparel Shopping

5 Biggest Challenges of Online Apparel Shopping

Love or hate online shopping, no matter what, it is undoubtedly here to stay. Online shopping is a great invention that enables people to buy whatever they want from the comfort of their homes. They no longer have to travel a lot, visit multiple stores, and stand in a long line at the checkout counter […]

Perfect Shopping Assistant

Perfect Shopping Assistant

The global online apparel market is likely to grow to $765 billion by the year 2022. In the future, 36% of the total fashion retail sales will occur online in the coming years. There is a substantial rise in the apparel eCommerce industry, mainly because online shopping offers fashion shoppers a new world of opportunities. […]

Best Tips And Tricks To Improve Your E-commerce Customer Experience

Best Tips and Tricks to Improve Your e-commerce Customer Experience

The apparel eCommerce market is expanding at an unprecedented rate. No wonder the online commerce shopping industry has changed the retail panorama entirely. Various platforms are emerging regularly, and this makes your business face some severe competition in the market. Users nowadays have more places and methods to shop than ever with progressive shorter attention […]

8 Best Tips To Reduce Returns For Your Apparel Ecommerce Business

8 Best Tips to Reduce Returns for Your Apparel e-commerce Business

Businesses running an apparel e-commerce store in the 21st century are experiencing product returns, which acts as significant resistance to the e-commerce business’s streamlined nature. Returns are a part of the online apparel store and play a crucial role in getting real-time feedback from the buyers about the products. But when the number of returns […]

Minimize soiled or stained merchandise returns with Size Guarantee

Minimize Soiled or Stained Merchandise Returns with Size Guarantee

Almost all eCommerce websites offer the return facility. The return option helps the people, who are returning the product after they have received it but not liking it or if they have some issue with the product. There can be many reasons behind returning of products. Some of the reasons are – size issue, clothing […]

Best ways to reduce returns in your store

Best Ways to Reduce Returns in Your Store

No matter who is shopping, size matters the most. The perfect sized clothes are a blessing and look the best on you. These days, online shopping has increased a lot. It is because it saves time, delivers products at your doorstep, easy returns, and much more. With all the advantages that online shopping offers, there […]

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